TF Numbers

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TF-Numbers is a Responsive Number Counter Animation WordPress theme extension that showcases the numbers count once the user scrolls to its section on the theme. You can combine the numbers with font-awesome icons to create an elegant numbers section.

Now you can highlight your essential data in numbers and communicate effectively with your visitors.

You can style the background (choose between image or color), and customize the title, numbers, and icon color. Font Awesome icons are available as a drop-down icon selection.

Key features:

  • Fully responsive
  • Add as many icons as you like
  • Easy to customize
  • Comes packed with widget
  • Simple one-click shortcode integration

General guidelines

The background image will always have priority over the background color option. That is, if you add both the Background Image and Background Color, the image will be displayed. To display the background color, you will need to remove the image.

Numbers SizeTitles Size, and Icons Size are set in em. You will be adding only numbers here. For example, selecting 1.2 will display the font size of the selected element as 1.2em. You can learn more about em size at the official W3C Schools website.

Frontend Display

After you have finished creating a TF number,  you can insert them into a post or page. Go to the page you want to insert the TF number you just created. Click on the TF Numbers icon from the WordPRess Editor:

Then select the TF Number you want to insert and click on Insert Shortcode.

Alternatively,  you can manually insert the shortcode, by going to WordPress left menu tab of TF Numbers > All Numbers. You will see the list of ‘All Numbers’ you created. On the right you will see the shortcode, just copy it, and paste it into the post or page where you want to include that specific TF Number.


Download from WordPress.Org


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