Hello there, welcome to the second part of my tutorial – Migrating WordPress site from one server to another. This part focuses on How To Download WordPress Database, Or if you just want to back up your website site, this tutorial applies to that as wall (considering that it is necessary process for the migration anyway).

Like I did in the previous post (comparing the process through three different hosting companies) I will do the same here. I will repeat the process of downloading database from wordpress on three different hosting. So, following the order of the previous article, let’s start from the first one:


Free Hosting

After you log in to your cPanel, go find an icon that says Database Manager.


This will open a new window:


By clicking on the blue plus sign next to the database name (in this case it is 157184_c599 found below the Name tab) you will open a new panel:


Click on the Open phpMyAdmin 3 (on most cPanels it says only phpMyAdmin). This will lead you to the phpMyAdmin window, that will look like this: (it is same everywhere)


On the left side you can see your wordpress website database tables populated and near the top of the window there are some commands. The one that you are interested in now is the Export option.

Go click on it. Then you need to click Go button:


After clicking the Go button your download will start (illustrated above my download is shown in the window at the top right corner, default to the Opera browser). As you can see your database will have default .sql extension (unless you specify some other format).

That is all it takes to Download WordPress Database (back it up). You can go through the next examples as well, or if you are confident enough, go try it now. It’s up to you 🙂 .


Free Hosting

Log in to your cPanel, and find option that says phpMyAdmin:migrate_wp_siteH3

After you click it it will lead you to the new window same as in previous example. Rest of the procedure is completely the same, so if you have read my previous example, you are ready to back up / download your wordpress database, and if in case you have not read it yet, I encourage you to do so.


Paid Hosting

Login to your cPanel, and scroll to the databases section. Here you need to click on the phpMyAdmin.


Yes… you guess it right, this will lead you to the new window same as in the first example (biz.nf). phpMyAdmin panel is universal same for every hosting, so I beleive you will manage to finish this step easily 🙂



On some pictures above you may notice underlined (or circled) MySQL Databases option, don’t get confused, it will be used later in the tutorial, for now just get familiar with it. You will be using it when the uploading process starts.

That was easy, right? Don’t worry the rest is easy also, there is no reason no to congrats yourself on the good job, the first half is done, now there is only few more parts left to be done.

When you are ready advance to the next step – Uploading WordPress Site to the new server