Ultimate Styleswitcher Framework

Styleswitcher is built for anyone who have made some awesome item and now need some creative way to display all the possibilities of his/her latest project

TF Numbers – Parallax Addon

Parallax Addon – Add Parallax Effect To Background Image. Parallax will let you add the parallax effect to the background image of your numbers section. You will have new option to enable or disable parallax image effect, and a new option to change the image’s transparent overlay background color.  

TF Numbers – Controller Addon

Controller Addon will extend TF Numbers plugin by giving you more controls. You will be able to change counting speed, use “,” comma separator between numb

TF Numbers – Iconizer Addon

Iconizer Addonwill let you add your own image icons to the TF Numbers plugin icons panel and change it’s width and height. It will also give you the option to search through icons

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