TurboTabs – Responsive Tabs jQuery Plugin

TurboTabs is responsive tabs jquery plugin with plenty of options. HTML markup is very simple to follow , jQuery will do all the magic. Tab transforms into an accordion on smaller devices, but there is also an option to use it as accordion instead of the tab if you like.

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Main Features:
  • Responsive
  • Simple HTML Markup to follow
  • Lightweight – only 5kb in minified version
  • Customize Colors and other otpions with online options builder
  • Choose between horizontal, vertical or accordion mode
  • Customize almost everything with plenty of options available
Quick Overview

(Update note: As of version 1.1 use prefix tt_ – tt_tabs, tt_tab and tt_container)

turnotabs - tabs jquery plugin


(Update note: as of version 1.1 – use animate.min.css instead of animations.css)

tabs jquery plugin

Note – animate.min.css (CSS animations library) is  included in case you want to use animations when tabs are switched and font-awesome.min.css if you use tab with icons. Other way if you want to use just simple tab without any animation or icons include only turbotabs.css  (plugin’s main stylesheet).



For a list of available options and more usage details refer to the Documetnation


  • Version 1.2

    -Fixed trasnformation issues (tabs dissapearing when shifted to accordion)
    -Fixed Smooth animation issue in accordion mode
    -Added random animation mode –  Special Thanks go to miltosc   (https://github.com/miltosc) who contributed with this functionality

  • Version 1.1  – Added 28 animations,  added tt_prefixes to fix
  •                           compatibility issues with other CSS frameworks
  •                           such as foundation and bootstrap.
  • Version 1.0 – Initial release
Thank You

Your download should start in few seconds. If it doesn't start, click this link to download it manualy: Download

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4 comments on “TurboTabs – Responsive Tabs jQuery Plugin
  • Pamela

    Hi Im trying to use this for a weebly site but cant seem to get it to show up once I publish it. Can you help?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Aleksej

      Helo Pamela,

      Can you tell me more, or send me a link? I have to take a look on it in order to see what's wrong 🙂

  • Guy

    hi, your tabs are a thing of beauty—thanks for sharing! i’m also trying to use these tabs on a weebly site, but am getting hung up somewhere. i’ve put the links to the .js files and .css files (using absolute paths), and also the java script code, in the header. the tabs briefly seem to appear correctly, but then are broken (being overriden, apparently, by my css?). is there a .css conflict i should look for? thanks again.

    • Aleksej

      Hello, it might be some css override if it appears broken, I would need to see your site, send me some link so I can check up.


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