TF Numbers – Iconizer Addon

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Iconizer Addon will let you add your own image icons to the TF Numbers plugin icons panel. You will be able to add your icons directly from icons panel. It also includes 2 more options your custom image icons width and height, and it unlocks search field in the icons panel so you can search through names of your icons your icons and built-in font-awesome icons.

Once you activate Iconizer Addon and paste your images into /images/ folder of iconizer addon, you will see new tab in icons panel named “Image Library”. All your images will be displayed there as icons. You can select them the same way as you can select font awesome.

You can insert images in regular formats jpg, jpeg, gif and png.

There will be 2 new options added – Image Width and Image Height. These options will allow you to modify the display size of your custom images on the front-end. Note, these option will only apply to your images, while icon size will affect regular font-awesome icons as before.

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Your download should start in few seconds. If it doesn't start, click this link to download it manualy: Download

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